Mine Site Kitchen Design & Fit Out Services

All Commercial Kitchens Are Not Created Equal

All commercial kitchens are not created equal, when it comes to mine site camp kitchens there are a unique set of challenges you have to face and in Western Australia, few companies have as much experience as Arcus when it comes to fitting out mine site kitchens. 

From Jimblebar to Hope Downs, Roy Hill to Gorgon, Yandi and beyond, it’s safe to say there are products supplied by Arcus on a large percentage of WA’s mine sites.

Our focus when it comes to any kitchen is on what is the client trying to provide its customer and what are the unique challenges your site has. 

Experts in Mine Site Commercial Kitchens.

After our initial discussions with the client, we workshop some ideas in house with our commercial kitchen designers, refrigeration engineers and stainless estimators to come up with practical and efficient solution for your situation.

This team of experts will look closely areas such as.

  • Cool rooms and freezers rooms for short and long term storage.
  • Prep areas and how they best interact with the storage and cooking phases of operation.
  • Cooking and reheating, what commercial cooking equipment best suits your food offering and volume.
  • Cooling and freezing.
  • Serving and how best to get a large volume of people though in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Worker side and what do they need access too at the different meal times.
  • Crib areas and how to efficiently allow the workers to organise their takeaway foods.

After this initial phase we provide the customer with the design and some budget pricing to ensure they understand where things are siting and if necessary work with them on any refinements that may be necessary.

Once a final plan of action is laid out we can continue to work with the client to carry out the fit out of the kitchen or if they prefer we can produce a full set of tender documents that can be put of to the market to price from.

Not Just Commercial Kitchens

Away from the kitchen we can further apply our expertise to other areas of the camp.

  • Ice rooms, we have done more of these than any other company in WA and have leading products for all situations.
  • Wet mess, according to some this is quite possibly the most important area on site, from ice machines to cool rooms, we have all the solutions.
  • Convenience Store. Sometimes overlooked, but if there is refrigeration of cooking or any type, we can help.

One Stop Solution.

Whatever you need when it comes to your mine site commercial kitchen, Arcus have the design, manufacturing, installation and service experience to help.  If you need any assistance, please contact us at enquire@arcus.com.au