Correct maintenance of your commercial refrigeration unit is vital and can drastically extend the life span when performed correctly. It’s often during peak periods when your commercial refrigeration may decide to break down, but you can help avoid this kitchen nightmare by adhering to a few simple maintenance steps. As specialists in commercial refrigeration in Perth, Arcus are well-equipped in dealing with every maintenance issue; follow our tips below to help ensure your commercial refrigerator is running in top form for years to come.

Rid your Condenser of Dust

Dust can have a big impact on the efficiency of your compressor. When it accumulates on the condenser coils it clouds its ability to work effectively. This consequently forces the compressor to work harder than necessary, potentially resulting in burn out. Wiping off the dust daily is a good way to keep a check on the condenser, but at least once a month you should incorporate a more in-depth cleaning method. To give you a little peace of mind, the Arcus Australia Commercial Refrigeration Service division are able to set up regular scheduled maintenance visits with you, so call and have a chat with them today about your refrigeration maintenance needs.

Cover Acidic Foods

Most units of commercial refrigeration in Perth store inventory, but did you know the high levels of acidity in many foods can also contribute to corrosion? This is because they emit acids that can eat through refrigeration lines over time – avoid this issue by storing inventory in plastic non-corrosive food storage containers, using lids that seal well.

Keep Drains Clear

The drain is at the base of a commercial refrigeration unit and serves as a pathway for all interior condensation to escape. Upon leaving the drain the water travels to a drip pan where it is heated and evaporated. If the drain is blocked the condensation builds up and has nowhere to go, creating flooded interior spaces in refrigerators and ice build-up in freezers.

Check Gaskets Regularly

It’s important to clean and check your gaskets weekly, as this small rubber seal can make all the difference in your utility bill and overall performance of your commercial refrigeration. If chilled air escapes through the cracks the compressor has to work at an above average pace to maintain a constant temperature.  Not only will this increase the utility bill, it can cause break down of your fridge or freezer.  When cleaning and checking your gaskets if you notice any part is peeling away from the door, cracking or not sealing flush when the door is closed, then it’s time to have the gasket replaced. The Arcus Australia Commercial Refrigeration Service division are able to supply and install gaskets of most shapes and sizes so why not call us today to help.

By implementing these four simple steps into your daily, weekly and monthly routines, you’ll extend the life of your commercial refrigeration unit and ensure it’s working in tip-top order. If you are having any further issues with the cleanliness of your commercial fridge, let the friendly staff at Arcus know! We have our 24 hour 7 day a week service and emergency repairs unit, making Arcus the most flexible refrigeration service team in WA. Call us on (08) 9241 8888 today!