Commercial Water Coolers, Ice Machines & Ice Dispensers


West Australian Made Water Coolers.

Made in our purpose built factory in Western Australia, the Arcus range of Commercial Water Coolers are some of the most advanced on the market. 

From small to large, the Arcus Water Cooler range offers something for everyone.  With 18 litre models through to 660 litre units you’ll find our water coolers throughout Western Australia on mine sites, in hospitals, in government facilities and schools, factories and offices of all shapes and sizes.

2018  saw a massive upgrade to the range including making a stainless steel exterior the standard on all modes, whilst also introducing the zero ozone depletion R134a as our standard refrigerant.

However, the biggest upgrade was the addition of the Arcus XR75 Dixell controller. This digital controller shows alarms, controls fan speed, prevents short cycling of the compressor and it allows the unit to run even after a probe failure making it one of the most advanced water coolers on the market.


Built With The Mines In Mind – The Arcus STW660

The STW660 was developed specifically for the mines and with over 500 sold to date has proved a real hit in ice rooms around the state and country.  

Arcus STW660PP Commercial Water Cooler

The STW660 will hold 520 liters of water at 10 degrees and unlike some other models on the market is sufficiently powered to recover at 140 liter per hour. 

Furthermore with the addition of our inbuilt pressure pump the STW660 will feed chilled water to other devices such as Ice Machines increasing their production rate and efficiency.


When It Comes to Ice Rooms, Only One Dispenser Is Cool Enough

At Arcus we offer every type of ice dispensing method.  From a simple bin, tote filler or ice bagger to the purpose built drinks container (jug) filler.

Introduced to the market around 15 years ago the AFIP450M quickly became the model of choice for ice rooms around WA. 

Arcus AFIP450M Ice Dispenser 

The AFIP450M will hold an impressive 450kg of ice in its locked and insulated chamber, agitating it at regular intervals to reduce clumping.  In addition to this, the AFIP is factory set to automatically dispense 1kg of ice per second as the user places their container under the chute. 

Unlike most other models on the market, there are no knobs, switches of controls on the external faces of the machine that can be tampered with, changed or broken.  There is no button to hold that will continuously dispense ice so spillage is reduced to a minimum and the ice is locked away so the risk of contamination is extremely low.


Ice Machines For All Occasions

When it comes to choosing an ice machine, our models are no better than anyone else.  We just offer every major brand and models on the market in Australia.

What makes us stand out is the level of service we offer.  Not only will we help size your machine for you, we’ll make sure you are offered the right dispensing method for your needs.  Then to top it all off, we offer our in house service department who can help you look after your machine and deal with any breakdowns and service issues.


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