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Are you’re looking for a company to design, supply and install your Cool Rooms or Freezer Rooms? If so then Arcus Australia should be your first choice.


Since the early 60’s Arcus have been designing, building, installing and servicing Cool Rooms and Freezer Rooms in Perth and around WA.  Furthermore, we still believe in the importance of treating each client and room as an individual.


Old to new, how times have changed

Arcus are Perth’s specialists in Cool Room and Freezer Room installations for any situation and for this reason there is no job too big or too small for us.  From your independent café to your full food production facility, there isn’t a Cool Room or Freezer Room that our in house team of designers and installers can’t handle.

What We Do

  • Cool Rooms
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Keg Rooms
  • Display Cool Rooms
  • Display Freezer Rooms
  • Bottle Shop Cool Rooms
  • Food Production Cool Rooms
  • Mobile Cool Rooms
  • Coolroom Rentals
  • Freezer Room Rentals

A selection of pictures from some recent work

One Call Does It All

The team at Arcus have decades of experience in designing, installing and servicing Cool Rooms and Freezer Rooms. We’ve designed and installed multi room systems in the North West. We’ve designed and installed DX and glycol chilled multi room systems in Perth and of course hundreds of individual Cool Rooms and Freezer Rooms around WA.

Our list of customers is plentiful. From Mining and Resource giants to State Governments, international hotel chains, public and private hospitals, award winning restaurants and your everyday coffee shop or cafe.  When it comes to Cool Rooms, Freezer Rooms and refrigeration in general, Arcus is a name that people and businesses have trusted for 70 years.

Quality Throughout

Quality starts with the design and when you engage Arcus to build your Cool Room and/or Freezer room we start with your unique situation and design from the ground up.  There is no one size fits all solution and by using the latest technology from industry leading suppliers we can ensure quality throughout.

Advanced Cool Room Monitoring

Have you heard of XWEB?  Our monitoring system of choice, XWEB allows you to take regular recordings of your Cool Room and Freezer Rooms temperatures which is great for HACCAP data collection.  Furthermore, XWEB will alert you and our service team via email or text if there is a problem such as a increased temperature over an unusual period of time or if there is a problem with your refrigeration equipment.  It also allows our technicians to make remote changes to your systems set up if required.  XWEB is an option so ask our refrigeration consultants to tell you more.

A selection of pictures from some recent work

Coolroom Rack Systems

Whilst individual compressor systems play and important role in coolrooms and freezer rooms and are by far the most commonly used method of refrigeration, when it comes to mulit room systems and where appropriate and suitable we use a rack refrigeration system.   There are many advantages to using a rack system, but the two that are normally most important to customers are.

  1. Capacity control.  Since the whole rack of compressors provides the required capacity for the connected refrigerated rooms as the room load reduces individual compressors can be cycled on and off to match the needed capacity. When compared to individual compressor installations, this can be a tremendous energy and cost savings.
  2. Redundancy. In a rack based system with redundancy built in, if one compressor fails, the other compressors can normally carry the load giving you much needed time to get a technician to site and repairs made without any downtime.

Coolroom Case Studies

Fresh Star Foods

Fresh Star Foods approached us to refrigerate their food production and storage rooms at their production facility in Belmont.  With 8 refrigerated rooms in total ranging from a 15 degree kitchen to a -18 degree, 112 square meter freezer room and 8 square meter blast freezer.  The whole system ran off a dual temperature 4 compressor rack monitored through an XWEB 3000 monitoring system.

The Vale Bar & Brasserie

One of our most recent taverns.  The team from The Vale approached us early on to help design their kitchen and refrigeration system.  This time it wasn’t just Cool Rooms and Freezer Rooms it was all the fridges throughout the bar and kitchen and a 32 door Bottle Shop.   In all we had 38 doors of undercounter fridge, a kitchen Cool Room, kitchen Freezer Room, a large Keg Room and the Bottle Shop all running of a single 4 compressor dual temp rack.  We even built in the refrigeration capacity to run the Beer Glycol System.

Better Choice Fuels

For Better Choice Fuels in Margaret River we had two Cool Rooms running off two separate systems.  The first was an 11 door drinks display room in their main retail area, powered by a remote condensing unit.  The second was an integral unit where we used an slide in chiller system, built right into the room.

If you want to see more of our recent work, head over to our projects page and check out some of the video case studies. 

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