Commercial Refrigeration

With over 65 years in the refrigeration sector, there aren’t many companies that come close to having the experience Arcus do in the manufacture, supply and installation of Commercial Refrigeration Solutions.

With leading brands such as Skope, Williams, Electrolux, Friginox, Irinox, Berjaya and Bromic supporting our own production facility in Malaga, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a standard two door upright Fridge or a custom Cold Food display for your front of house, if you looking for a full Back Bar, Cool Room & Freezer Room and Drive Through combination or if you’re looking for in-kitchen refrigeration to maximise your productivity then Arcus should be your first call.

By utilising our expertise in Commercial Refrigeration and Custom Stainless Steel Manufacturing, by utilising our in-house Project Management Team, Drafting Department and site Install Team we are in the perfect position to offer you the perfect solution for your Commercial Refrigeration requirements.

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By teaming industry leading brands like Arneg with our in house manufacturing; Arcus are able to offer the latest in display technology to your Deli, Butchers, Fish Mongers, Fruit and Veg store or Supermarket.
Just some of the key products we have to offer include;

  • Curved Glass Display Cabinets
  • Butcher Plates, Hot & Cold Deli and Bakery Displays
  • Open fronted Meat, Fish and Dairy Display Chillers and Freezers
  • Glass Door fronted Meat, Fish and Dairy Display Chillers and Freezers
  • Cool Rooms & Freezer Rooms


It’s not only the food service industry we service; with our standard range of Vaccine Refrigerators and Mortuary Cabinets we offer a number of solutions for the Medical Industry. 

We can also help when you need something a little different. Take Joondalup Health Campus or Midland Health Campus for example. When they needed a custom 11 Bier Mortuary cabinet that also catered for bariatric cadavers, they turned to Arcus, our solution was a 4 door cabinet with 9 standard biers and 2 bariatric ones. Whilst Joondalup ran off a compressor located on an external wall, our solution at Midland was integral refrigeration condensing of their chilled water loop.


Developed to operate in the West Australian Climate, our Oasis Series of Water Coolers are manufactured in our Malaga factory to the highest possible standards.

Innovative design and construction are features of each Cooler in the Series, our units are environmentally friendly and can be used in most locations.

Take the STW44BB with its 29 litre tank and the STW78BJ with its 47 litre tank, these units are designed for the high instant demand you may get from thirsty workers replenishing their water bottles or school children drinking during their breaks. Under optimal conditions these units are designed to output 61 litres and 113 litres respectively per hour.

Developed initially for locations with narrow corridors, the RWC24BJ is designed to be installed in an alcove and offers up to 72 litres of cold water per hour under optimal conditions.

Need something for multiple users at once. The HT range of drinking troughs come in standard lengths of 1,400mm, 1,865mm and 3,000mm (or custom lengths to your choosing) and combined with the US62 under slung chiller can put out up to 297 litres per hour under optimal conditions.

At the large end of our scale we have the STW660, designed for and specified in too most mine camps, this unit is designed to do two things. With a storage capacity of 520 litres and a recovery rate of 140 litres per hour, this unit will supply all your workers with chilled water all day long and when used as part of an Ice Room setup the STW660PP will also feed chilled water into your Ice Machines thus maximising their production. 

Whether in a Small Office, Tea Room, Factory, School, Hospital or Mine Site, Arcus have a Cooler in our range that will suit your needs.

So whatever your refrigeration needs may be, contact Arcus Australia today.