Commercial Exhaust Canopies


Arcus have been designing, manufacturing and installing Commercial Exhaust Canopies and Commercial Kitchen Hoods for decades.  Furthermore, we are considered one of Perth’s premier manufactures of Exhaust Canopies and Hoods for all types of commercial kitchens.


A great example of an island hood and supply and make up air fans and ductwork.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a Commercial Exhaust Canopy for your fryer,  oven, you wok burner or your full line up or even your dishwasher.  Arcus canopies are designed and custom made for each individual situation.

Ducts and Fans

As part of our one call does it all solution we can design and install all your associated duct work and fans to leave you with a full working system.

Make Up Air

When you are sucking thousands of litres of air out of your kitchen, it’s imperative that you allow for some makeup air.  Arcus Commercial Exhaust Canopies can be made to incorporate a make up air baffle to assist in the return of air into the kitchen.

Australian Standards AS1668.2-2012

There are strict guidelines when it comes to Commercial Exhaust Canopies and for that reason all Arcus models are manufactured to Australian Standard AS1668.2-2012.  Amongst other things, AS1668.2-2012 covers topics such as air flow, make up air and Commercial Exhaust Canopy sizing for different type of equipment.

Energy Efficient LEDs

Around 2016 we moved away from fluro lighting and all our Exhaust Canopies are now fitted with energy efficient LEDs.   These LED lights are resin coated making them easy to clean and maintain.

4 Canopies and associated duct work at Dale Christian School in Armadale.

Honeycomb Grease Filters

Our standard choice of honeycomb grease filter is designed purposefully for use in commercial exhaust canopies.  Furthermore, the aluminium construction makes handling and cleaning simple.

The design of the honeycomb structure efficiently splits the air into 32,000 separate air streams per square meter.  This causes the grease laden air to change direction, the inertia of which causes the grease to impinge and condense on the filter.

Other options for you filter include Stainless Steel Honeycomb or Baffle filters.

Advanced Filtration

In most situations a standard honeycomb filtered canopy will be all you need.  However on occasion something more is needed Arcus is still your answer.  We offer a range of advanced filtration from UV, to Electrostatic Precipitators to Ozone Generators.  These types of filtration offer varying amounts of odor removal for those situations where your exhausts system may impact those around you.

Hepa Hoods

We also manufacture HEPA hoods that are used in operating rooms thoughout many of WA’s hopsitals.

Hepa Hoods during production at our Malaga factory.

If you want to see more of our recent work, head over to our projects page and check out some of the video case studies. 

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