Keeping stainless steel as good as new is a simple process. You don’t need expensive products or equipment – regular household equipment such as water, mild detergent and soft clothes is all that’s required.

Stainless steel is the term used for a family of alloy steels with a high resistance to corrosion – this is due to a naturally occurring chromium-rich oxide film formed on its surface.

Here are some things to keep in mind for cleaning stainless steel:

• Never ever use cleaners or products containing chlorides.
• Rubbing stainless steel in the same direction as the grain is important; rubbing against the grain can damage the surface.
• Drying the steel after washing ensures that no streaky marks are left behind.
• Never use steel wool when cleaning stainless steel. Fragments left behind can cause the surface to rust.
• Stainless steel scratches easily. Avoid rough handling and dragging items across the surface.
• Removing fingerprints and grease marks is as easy as wiping down the steel with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.
• Cement and mortar splashes should be washed off before they set.

Stainless steel will discolour if left in contact with salts or acids for extended periods. But with proper care and cleaning, this can be avoided. Longer protection can be provided by rubbing down the surface with baby oil and polishing with a soft cloth. If you need to scrub to remove a stain, make sure to use a clean nylon scourer or a cloth with chalk-based cream cleaner.
Refer to the downloadable PDF below for more information on keeping stainless steel clean and protected.

Stainless Steel Care Maintenance PDF Available For Download