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Buy Yourself Some Time

Buy Yourself Time

Improve OH&S and reduce labour costs with the new Electric Mixing Bratt Pans from Metos.  These European built units are ideal for any commercial kitchen where traditional bratt pans are used and come in sizes ranging from 80-250 litres.

The new Electric Mixing Bratt Pans from Metos.

The Metos Viking MixPan is a revolutionary Bratt Pan with an integrated mixing function. Do away with the back breaking task of manual mixing and buy yourself time to carry out other tasks.

See how easy it is to prepare a delicious chicken masala dish in the Metos MixPan

The Metos Viking MixPan is user-friendly, safe, energy-efficient and professional

Manufactured in Finland, the MixPan’s reliable automation takes care of routine food production without constant care and monitoring. The pan can be controlled by the user to mix and cook at the same time.

Thanks to the optimised ergonomics, it is easy to use, easy to clean and hygienic. The Metos Viking MixPan is user friendly, safe and an energy efficient professional kitchen equipment.

  • Available in 150 or 250 litre capacities.
  • The device can be supplied to attach to the floor or installed as free standing allowing for quick and easy delivery to the customer.
  • The MixPan meets and exceeds all national and EU safety standards.
  • The machine has a IPX5 protection grade.
  • The control panel of the Metos Viking MixPan is fully raised from the control pillar, protecting it from any splatter, keeping it out of the way when cleaning the machine and putting at the perfect height for use.
  • All parts that become dirty in everyday use are easily removable without special tools and are cleaned using a dishwasher.
  • The mixing tool has removable, easy to clean, special food grade thermopolymer scrapers.
  • The stainless-steel lid has a large, removable safety grid to facilitate the adding of liquids and raw ingredients, while mixing

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Buy Yourself Some Time