Butchers Cold Plates & Butchers Refrigeration

Butchers Display Cases are not all Created Equal

Arcus Australia is one of only a few manufactures left that can build a proper butchers cold plate and we’ve been doing it for over 40 years.

We’re not talking about the cheap imported units that blow air over your meat and dry it out or the ones with standard LED lights that make your meat look yellow and old. Our Western Australia made butchers cold plates are engineered and built to keep your meat in prime condition and make it look appealing to your customers.

Our cold plates are designed utilising proper cold plate technology. It starts with a refrigerated base made from stainless steel with copper refrigeration piping encased in poured urethane under (the exact make up is not advertised, but it is designed to give you the best thermal efficiency and cold transfer to your product.). A cross fin coil across the top of the cabinet is there to provide the right amount of cold air within the chamber, whilst our engineered baffles around the coil create an efficient natural convection of the air within the cabinet.

LED lighting is set to the right luminosity to make your meat products stand out and look fresh and enticing.

Our cold plates usually sit between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius and the fully enclosed cabinet (with the back doors shut) will allow you to keep your product in there 24/7 so you will no longer need to load and unload your cold plate every morning and evening.

Samples of our work can be seen around the extended Perth metro areas. From Hillarys to Inglewood to Baldivis to Rockingham, chances are that there is an Arcus built butchers cold plate near you.

Built In Western Australia

All our butchers cold plates are designed in house by our team of refrigeration engineers to meet your exact requirements and it all starts with one of those engineers sitting with you and your drawings to find out what you are after and what constraints you may be working with.

Our engineers will talk to you about the size and shape of your plate, the type of refrigeration, whether it will be remotely refrigerated or is it small enough to have a self contained refrigeration system.

They will talk with you about ancillary items such as bag holders, till and scale shelves and even other options such as heated sections for pies and chickens etc, that need humidity to maintain textures and weight. Finally we will look at other areas within your shop such as the cool rooms, stainless steel benching and sinks and even if you have a need for any cooking equipment.

Building a Butchers Cold Plate

Once you have ordered your cold plate and maybe your cool room and freezer room our design, manufacture and site teams take over. The design of your cold plate is finalised in our drafting department and once you sign your drawings our factory starts the build.

A combination of stainless steel sheet metal workers and refrigeration tradesmen step into action to build your cold plate to our exacting detail all under the watchful eye of our leading hands, factory foreman and of course the refrigeration engineering team.

Your cold plate is manufactured using only quality materials, with 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, double glazed toughened curved or straight glass, 32mm tube framing and poured urethane insulation to the plate, the only people who demand more from our products than our customers is ourselves.


Would you trust a courier with a 12 meter cold plate?

When it comes to the installation of your cold plate we only trust the best. This is why your cold plate is delivered on our own truck and our own site team install it and our own refrigeration team commission it. At no point do we compromise on the quality of our product or the standard of our work.

More than just the Cold Plate

As we touched on before, with Arcus it’s more than just the cold plate. Our range of custom and bought in OEM items can set you on the way to a thriving business.

  • Cool rooms and display cool rooms
  • Freezer rooms
  • Hot food displays, either custom or off the shelf
  • Bain maries and food displays for self service of serve from behind
  • Dry aging cool rooms or cabinets
  • Deli displays
  • Vertical pre-packed meat, dairy and fruit and veg displays
  • Fish plates
  • Island refrigeration
  • Upright display fridges and display freezers
  • Chest freezers.
  • Stainless steel benching, stainless steel sinks and stainless steel shelving
  • Wire shelving for back of house storage
  • Cooking equipment such as chicken and roasting ovens, combi ovens and more
  • Stainless steel wall paneling
  • Commercial cooking exhaust canopies

Here For You Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Whatever you need in terms of commercial refrigeration or commercial kitchen products Arcus have been here for 70+ years and we’ll be here for many more to come. Contact our experienced team today.