Using The Arcus Mortuary Lifter Trolley

The following video demonstrates the key operating instructions for the Arcus PDMLT Mortuary Lifter Trolley with the Arcus Mortuary Cabinet.    

What To Look For In A Commercial Fryer

A large number of commercial kitchens have an element of deep frying to their menu. Whether this is a delicious crispy tempura prawn or a helping of Australia’s favourite, the hot chip, a functional and reliable fryer is key to ensure that quality can be maintained even at very high volumes and quality commercial cooking equipment plays a massive part in this consistency. At Arcus we supply...

Using Your Washtech M2 Commercial Dishwasher

The Washtech M2 is one of the top selling Commercial Dishwashers in Australia and one of the easiest to use. However for your convenience we thought we'd shoot the following 5 informational videos highlighting the procedures for turning it on, running a cycle, draining and cleaning.  Turning On & Starting Up   Selecting a Wash Cycle & Loading The Tray   Rinse...

commercial fridge rentals

Why Commercial Fridge Rentals?

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a new product only to find an updated, better model launched six months later. Having the best equipment for your business needs’ can make such a difference to your profit margins, especially in the hospitality sector. The good news is, whether you’re a large, well-established player on the market or a start-up with a great idea, we at Arcus...