Arcus is a family owned and operated business that has been selling commercial refrigeration products for over 66 years, and is trusted by industry brand leaders such as Skope, Williams, Berjaya, Electrolux, Friginox and Bromic to name just a few. No matter what type or size of commercial refrigeration you are looking for, Arcus has a range of options you can buy or rent to make the most of your space!  As leaders in commercial refrigeration and commercial kitchens, Arcus have the most reliable and affordable range of equipment for commercial kitchens in Perth, and our expert team will always help you find a solution to suit your commercial kitchen requirements.

Commercial Refrigeration Sizes

We can provide you with commercial refrigeration in various sizes including cool rooms and freezer rooms, counter chillers and freezers, food preparation fridges and upright fridges and freezers.  Our Arcus designed and manufactured bar chillers have been specifically designed with adjustable shelf heights to fit a range of bottle shapes and sizes, and our food preparation fridges come in both horizontal and vertical solutions and are ideal for withstanding the conditions of busy venues such as commercial kitchens, cafes and restaurants. Our range of upright fridges includes versatile, energy efficient bottom mounted chillers perfectly designed to showcase your products and offer easy access to your important customers.

Design Your Space

To ensure that your commercial kitchen runs smoothly even during busy periods, you need to design your space to function efficiently. There are a few tips you can follow to save space in your commercial kitchen, so let’s start with refrigerated drawers. Refrigerated Drawers offer quick and easy access to food and are most popular as a chefs fridge directly opposite your commercial cooking equipment.  It’s allot easier for a chef to turn around, grab a steak or fish fillet from a predetermined drawer then turn around and put it on the Chargrill or Griddle than it is to reach down into a standard door refrigerator.  As leaders in commercial refrigeration, Arcus offer all the major brands of Drawer Refrigeration, from our own customer designed and manufactured fridge to industry leaders such as Skope, Williams and Adande.

Kitchen Workflow

Another tip is to optimize your workflow, as the most efficient kitchens aren’t necessarily the biggest ones, but those in which the placement of equipment and space planning is mindful of working with the kitchen flow.

The biggest commercial kitchens aren’t always the most efficient commercial kitchens and even the smallest spaces can operate efficiently with the right commercial refrigeration.  You need to think about the link between your preparation fridges, your cooking equipment and your heated pass.  Your need to consider what you need quick access to during service and how much refrigeration space you need for pre prepared food and you need to consider how often you are going to be brining in bulk amounts of food.  Luckily, Arcus have the expert staff to help you find answers and solutions to all your questions and ensure that you end up with the right commercial refrigeration in your venue.

Refrigeration Rental

If you don’t want to make a permanent commitment, you can save time and money with our flexible short or long-term commercial refrigeration rentals for different amounts of time including weekends, monthly, or 6 months and longer periods. This is also an ideal solution for emergencies or when you require extra storage during busy times. Having the option to rent your fridges means you can change your commercial space frequently to determine what is best suited for your particular setup and venue.  We also offer a fantastic Rent-Try-Buy solution in conjunction with finance partners such as Silverchef.

Our friendly and experienced team of professionals love what we do, and will analyse your space to determine which commercial equipment is going to give you the most functional options for your commercial kitchen in Perth. So call us today on 08 9241 8888, or come and see us at our showroom in Malaga to find out more about which commercial refrigeration solution would be best for you!

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