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Wide Range of Stock

Let Arcus Australia help you to display your products in the best way possible with our range of supermarket display fridges. Our wide range of stock means we have something to fit any Perth business and ensures we can help to optimise your trade. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, we have a variety of display models available, including multi-deck displays, supermarket cases and deli displays. Our fan assisted refrigeration systems can help keep all your products fresh, including deli meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and pre-prepared dishes, while also offering self-service options.

With compact sizes and varying lengths and heights, we have a display fridge to fit any business, while maximising visibility and minimising floor space occupancy. Light up your merchandise and give your customers an uninhibited view of your stock while also reducing energy consumption with our double air flow options.

With our service team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Perth-wide, a dedicated installation team and a spare parts department on hand to assist you in any repairs you may need, Arcus Australia can help make sure nothing stands in your way. Still owned and run by the Arcus family, we supply all sorts of workplaces, including cafes, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, mining camps, hotels, taverns and more. This is due to the wide range of cooking and food prep equipment we have available, including icemakers, water coolers, cool storage solutions, custom cabinet manufacture and more. Contact us today for more information.