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If you’re short on time, a commercial microwave is the obvious go-to appliance. We understand that space is often limited in a commercial kitchen, so we offer a range of microwaves that are sure to meet all your cooking requirements.

Light-duty Microwave Ovens

These microwaves are perfect for compact commercial spaces, such as school canteens and fast-food vans. But that doesn’t mean they’re light on long-lasting performance and reliability.

When it comes to user-friendly design, the CM-901T makes it simple. It has a fully-programmable touch pad with twenty pre-set memories incorporated into its lightweight design package. And at 900 watts, it’s the perfect entry-level light-duty commercial microwave.

Meanwhile, the CM-1051T is one of the most durable light-duty models on the market. Built to last, it has a door that features toughened glass, heavy-duty safety latches and double-strength hinges.

Heavy-duty Microwave Ovens

Want a microwave that can go the distance? Then the CM-1401T is right up your alley. Offering Dual Magnetron technology that reduces operating temperatures by up to fifty percent when compared to single Magnetron ovens, this high-speed microwave is designed to work for as long as you do.

The CM-1901T is one of the most advanced heavy-duty microwave ovens you’ll find on the market. With a heavy-duty construction, a fully-programmable touch pad with 300 pre-set memories and a massive 1900 watts of output, it’s no wonder the CM-1901T is probably the number one choice among professional cooks.

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