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The Commercial Dishwasher comes in all shapes and sizes. From the fairly compact Glass Washer that can be found in every bar around Australia to the Tunnel Style Flight machine that are custom on large catering venues such as Stadiums, Hospitals, Hotels, and more. At Arcus we offer some world leading Commercial Dishwasher brands such as Washtech, Electrolux, Eswood, Hobart and Wexiodisk.

So what Commercial Dishwasher is right for you? If you are a Small Bar, Coffee Shop or any drinks only venue, then a Glass Washer is going to suit your needs. If you are serving or preparing food in your venue then you need to think slightly bigger. An under Counter Commercial Dishwasher is good for smaller venues that offer limited food but still have the need to clean plates and bowls etc. As you get larger and need to put a high volume through, a Pass Through Commercial Dishwasher is where you’ll end up. These machines offer excellent capacity whilst retaining a relatively small footprint (although you still need to think about Stainless Steel Benching either side). Moving up we go to a Rack Conveyor Commercial Dishwasher, these units take your normal baskets, but they drag them through themselves meaning you can keep loading baskets in without having to wait for a cycle to end. Finally you have the Flight Commercial Dishwasher, with these units you put your dirty plates directly onto a continually rotating belt and the items are cleaned as they pass through.

Whatever you venue type you can feel reassured that Arcus have the right Commercial Dishwasher for you and the right staff to help you choose one that suits both your application and budget.