Custom Stainless Solutions

Built to last, nothing comes close to the quality of Stainless products Arcus release from our factory.

Designed and built by expert tradesmen’s with 100’s of years combined experience we like to do things properly.  From your initial consultation our Stainless Estimators are involved and they all come with shop floor experience so there is no guess work when it comes to pricing, they know how it’s going to be built before they price it.

As you order progresses, it will be drawn by our in house draftsmen, built in our own factory, delivered on our own truck, installed by our own me and overseen by our own project management team all ensuring we meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

When budget or time frame does not allow for a custom solution, we are still one of the states biggest resellers of the industry leading Simply Stainless Modular solution.  So whatever your requirements, you can be sure you will get the right solution for your needs when you call Arcus Australia.

To help you look after your Stainless Steel product, we have put together the following stainless-steel-care-maintenance